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   Terms & Conditions
Only adults atleast 18 years old, either sex can register as members.
Rishte Naate intends to serve only as a medium of contact and does not propose to be marriage or business Bureau and does not take any other responsibility in this regard.
Rishte Naate does not intend to persuade/recommend any person to invite/send any proposals from/ to any person whose profile is displayed as member. It is purely the discretion of the member concerned.
Rishte Naate reserves the right to amend/delete the profile of any member or deal with it in any manner it deems fit to ensure compliance of rules and to avoid inconvenience to other members.
Rishte Naate does not undertake to authenticate, endorse or check the antecedents of the members. Due caution should be exercised by the members concerned to verify the antecedents of the other party before finalisation of the alliance merely based on the information given in the profile.
Members are requested to ensure that they use only courteous and decent language in their communication through Email. Use of vulgar/indecent language if it comes to light will result into cancellation of membership without any prior notice.
Members are requested to inform Rishte Naate when they have found a match or wish to discontinue the membership due to any their personal reason to avoid wasteful expenditure of time and money to all concerned.
These terms and conditions are not conclusive and are subject to change at the discretion of Rishte Naate.
Rishte Naate shall not be responsible for the correctness of the contents/information given in the profile by the members and shall not be liable for any loss/damage as a result of the same.
Rishte Naate not be liable for any compensation for any loss/damage due to disruption/temporary discontinuance of service due to reasons beyond its control.
By registering their profile with Rishte Naate, the person/persons concerned shall be deemed to have agreed to hold the Rishte Naate India harmless and protected against any claims/damages which may be brought against or levied on the Rishte Naate on account of any matter arising out of or relating to such posting or listing.
Rishte Naate hereby particularly disclaims any liabilities or guarantees, expressed or implied which may be attributable in any manner whatsoever during its existence.
All registered members accessing the site Rishte Naate.com are required to read and consent to the disclaimer and terms of membership to the use of website and its e use in any manner will be termed as acceptance of the disclaimer and terms and conditions of membership which govern the website.
The members alone shall be responsible for ensuring security of the username and password allotted to them. Rishte Naate shall not be responsible for any loss or damage because of misuse by any other party.
Rishte Naate reserves right and reserves the right to, but is not obliged to carry out verification either through an authorised representative or through a third party, of the accuracy of the details provided in the registration form.
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